Active RFID keyfob ISBC® Pro

The new active RFID keyfob ISBC® Pro is a multifunctional payment wearable. It integrates banking, transport, discount cards. They can be downloaded on ISBC® Pro via a mobile application through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

  • Up to 50 smart cards and a "cold" purse by default

  • Switching smart card activity with the button

  • Protected from unauthorized charges

  • Crypto-currency storage on a multifunctional wearable

ISBC® Pro has the option of a "cold" purse, which allows you to store crypto currency. In non-working mode, it does not have access to the Internet, which means it is absolutely safe and protected. If necessary, you can connect the device to the mobile phone via BLE for operations with the crypto currency, pressing the button for digital signature.

  • Based on radio frequency identification technology

  • Produced in Russia by ISBC Group

  • Updating and checking the balance of the Moscow "Troyka" transport card through the mobile application

  • Equipped with contactless charging standard Qi

  • Compatible with all mobile devices on iOS and Android by BLE

Active keyfob ISBC® Pro integrates all types of cards, contactless payments and digital services. Access to the office and corporate parking, vending and coffee machines, fitness center, loyalty programs and much more are combined on a single wearable device. ISBC® Pro, like other ISBC products, supports ESMART Access technology.


  • Security. Contactless payment is possible only when you switch the card button or through a mobile application, unauthorized funds can not be debited.

  • Multifunctionality. Up to 50 contactless cards and digital IDs on 1 device.

  • Compactness. Keychain with a size of 1/3 of a credit card.

  • Integration with mobile phone. Any Bank, transport, discount cards through the mobile application via Bluetooth Low Energy.

  • Quick replenishment of the transport card "Troika". The remote replenishment does not require activation on the yellow terminal in the subway, and is immediately ready to use

    ISBC® Pro provides secure access to digital services of the Smart city!

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