Standard RFID keyfobs ISBC®

RFID keyfob ISBC® is a plastic device with color printing, equipped with built-in RFID-tag of standard ISO 14443 or ISO 15693. ISBC® RFID keyfob successfully replaces plastic cards and used in transport systems as a social card, a loyalty card, for access to protected areas, and also as an advertising medium.

RFID keyfob ISBC® application
  • ACS (passage to the office, parking, electronic room key at the hotel)
  • School card
  • Travel expenses (transport and social card)
  • Ski pass
  • NFC-key fob (business card, promotional, advertising)
  • Club card
  • Online wallet
  • Loyalty card

ISBC® RFID keyfobs features

High-quality and safe materials

  • In production of key fobs we use hypoallergenic materials relevant to the European Regulations 1907/2006, which confirms the safety of daily use
  • The coverage of the key fobs provides protection from fading (UV protection) and is antibacterial
  • Resilient material allows the surface to "recover" after application of small scratches or dents, for example, from keys
  • High resistance to environmental exposure factors, as well as to aggressive environments (gasoline, detergents, etc.)


  • Full-color printing with a resolution 2238x2238 dpi
  • Graphic personalization with variable data application under protective coating (full name, ID, number, barcode, QR code, etc.).
  • Electronic personalization of various ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 chips
  • The ability to place electronic wallet on a chip, to record transport and other applications on the chip at the request of the customer

Technical characteristics of the RFID keyfobs ISBC®


  • Size 24.66 mm x 51. mm
  • Thickness 3.8 mm
  • Weight: 4.8 grams

Types of RFID-chips used (ISO 14443, ISO 15693)

  • MIFARE Classic
  • MIFARE Plus S/SE
  • MIFARE Plus X/EV1
  • NTAG 213/215/216
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