Payment NFC key fob ISBC®

New key fob for banking

ISBC® Pay is compact (24,6х51 mm), durable and always at hand, which increases the number and the volume of non-cash transaction.

Integrates all types of access, contactless payments and digital services in megalopolis;

Equipped with EMV payment chips;

Certified by MasterCard, complies with EMVCo standards;

Application of variable data under a protective coating, electronic personalization;

Compact (1/3 of a bank card) convenient form;

Certified by RoHS for compliance with European Directive on restriction of harmful substances;

High resistance to scratches, will not scratched or break;

Why ISBC® Pay?
  • Integration of banking with digital services
  • Many functions in one small key fob
  • New advantages for your business
  • Bank's brand is always in sight
  • It is close at hand in most situations
  • More cashless transactions
  • Higher level of customer loyalty
Results of ISBC® Pay application for the Bank
  • Lower encashment costs
  • More customers
  • Fewer customers require services of office staff
  • Higher financial metrics
3 gorod
Anytime and anywhere
The universal RFID key fob, developed by ISBC, is used always and everywhere. ISBC® Pay unlike a conventional smart card, opens entrance doors, serves as a pass to the office, as a transport card, integrated financial and non-financial applications.
ISBC® Pay - innovation for upcoming bank ecosystems!
  • The customer interacts with your services dozens times per day
  • Secure and durable ISBC® Pay of your bank is always in your pocket
  • Additional services for all occasions
  • Freedom from cash, transition to cashless transactions

Advantages of ISBC®

New channel of business communications with customers
  • Personalization in the corporate style of the customer
  • Key fob is always close at hand, the user see the brand
  • Special surface design-tactile advertising – 'at the fingertips'
  • Possibility of co-branding with leading transport projects
Reliability and durability
  • Highest level of partnership with leading chip manufacturer NXP - MIFARE Advanced Partner
  • The sustainability of reading/recording
  • The probability of failure during the period of use is close to zero
  • If you try to bend it, it will not break
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures, moisture resistance
  • Integrates all types of access and services: transport, office pass, discounts, etc.
  • Combines the basic identification standards: HF+LF
  • Adding an applet to the appropriate payment system, opens all the banking functions
  • Having digital identifier, the megapolis resident can easily use all possibilities of the "Smart city".
Quality and safety materials
  • Hypoallergenic materials are used that comply with European Regulation 1907/2006
  • The key fob cover provides protection against burn-out (UV protection) and is antibacterial
  • The surface is self-healing after dents or small scratches, for example, from keys
  • High resistance to environmental factors, as well as to aggressive environments
We are trusted by more than 60 regions of Russia and 22 countries of the world
Our customers are the largest enterprises and organizations. ISBC® and contactless ISBC IDs are used in 300 cities of the Russian Federation.

ISBC® key features:

Physical Specifications
WхLхT 24,66 mm х 51 mm х 3,8 mm
Weight 4,8 gr
Reading distance 2-5 cm, depending on RFID-tag type
Materials Composite material with antibacterial coating
Customization Full-color printing with a resolution 2238x2238 dpi
Personalization Graphic personalization under protective coating, IC personalization

Сustomer reviews

We commend you for the issue of new electronic carrier for travel cards "Podorozhnik" in the form of key fobs ISBC.® They showed sustainability on the reading /writing devices, in the ticket payment control system in St. Petersburg. Confirmed the convenience for passengers.

Prokofieva L.V.

Deputy Director of SPb GKU "Transport supplier"

We express our gratitude for the successful and precise work in the project "ONAI", which is one of the significant national projects. Users like the key fob, it does not collapse, it hangs on a bunch of keys. The product is accepted by the city: the total number of active ISBC® – is more than 80% of the released.

Smirnov V.A.

Deputy Director, Transport holding company, Almaty

ISBC® successfully implemented in the project "EKARTA", Ekaterinburg. It is wear-resistant, % failure during the period of use, is close to zero. Readability on the classic banking and transport validators is stable.

Vedernikov P.Y.

General director "I Network"

We express our gratitude for the help in the implementation on the RFID key fobs ISBC, of the co-brand of the project "Electronic Contactless Transport Card "Troika", combined with the loyalty program card by RIGLA brand.

Burdina N.V.

Director of Marketing, LLC Rigla

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