Payment tag AIRTAG® Pay

Multi-application payment key fob AIRTAG® Pay combines all the functions of bank cards with non-financial services. Integration of bank cards with city services: transport cards, ACS passes and electronic keys, bonus cards - allows you to live comfortably in a modern city. Access to the office and to the corporate car park, to vending machines and coffee machines, a fitness center, loyalty programs and much more are combined on a single portable device made in Russia.

RFID key fobAIRTAG® Pay, unlike the usual card, will not break, even if you try to bend it, and it will not be torn. Self-restorable protective coating of composite antibacterial material allows you to carry a tag in your pocket or on a bunch of keys. At the same time, the Bank's brand will always be in sight, next to the client.

Portable payment devices AIRTAG® Pay  are a new stage in the development of bank cards!