Readers and other equipment

Contact card readers
Readers for contact smart cards are most widely used. Contact cards are usually employed for identification and highly secure operations. Benefits of this type of readers are as follows: high-speed data transfer and high level of security during transaction. Data exchange between the reader and the card is accomplished in compliance with the international standards ISO 7816-1,2,3.
Banking card readers
Readers for banking cards offer high level of security and rapid transactions for retail purchases, at gas/petrol stations, at POS of any kind.
Contactless card readers
Readers for contactless cards perform transactions with the smart cards via radio signals. Such readers allow distant operations where data is sent over the air as radio signals. Such readers are used for access control, for contactless payments, in vending machines. In most cases the following data exchange standards between the reader and the card are used: EMV, MIFARE (ISO 14443).
Embedded modules for payment terminals
Various cased and OEM modules for reading and writing smart cards, card distribution or issuing stations, personalization systems and many other options.
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