RFID-key fob ISBC®

Transport key fob to live comfortably in a modern city: Transportation, Social, Office passes, Bonus cards.


Unique design for each client


Collectible art object


The integration of cards and passes


Reliability of a major supplier


RFID Technologies


Fuel key fobs are necessary for fuel management and loyalty programs of gas stations. RFID key fob ISBC® Petrol is always with a driver, on car keys or in a pocket. Compact and convenient, it always reminds you about the brand of your favourite gas station and increases customer loyalty.

Millions of people already use ISBC® all over the world. Compact RFID key fob can easily replace any contactless cards.

RFID key fob ISBC® Access replaces the standard office pass and has many functions: payment, transport and bonus cards. It integrates Access control systems (ACS) with the digital environment of the Smart City, providing identification at a frequency 13.56MHz.
Our customers are the largest enterprises and organizations. ISBC® and contactless ISBC IDs are used in 300 cities of the Russian Federation.

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Сustomer reviews

We commend you for the issue of new electronic carrier for travel cards "Podorozhnik" in the form of key fobs ISBC®. They showed sustainability on the reading /writing devices, in the ticket payment control system in St. Petersburg. Confirmed the convenience for passengers.

Prokofieva L.V.

Deputy Director of SPb GKU "Transport supplier"

We express our gratitude for the successful and precise work in the «ONAI» company project, which is one of the most significant national projects. Users like the key fob, it does not collapse, it hangs on a bunch of keys. The product has been accepted by the city: the total number of active ISBC® – more than 80% of the issuance.

Smirnov V.A.

Deputy Director, Transport holding company, Almaty

ISBC® successfully implemented in the project "EKARTA", Ekaterinburg. It is wear-resistant, % of failure during the exploitation period, is close to zero. Readability on the classic banking and transport validators is stable.

Vedernikov P.Y.

General director "I Network"

We express our gratitude for the help in the implementation on the RFID key fobs ISBC, of the co-brand project of the "Electronic Contactless Transport Card "Troika", combined with the loyalty card by RIGLA brand.

Burdina N.V.

Director of Marketing, LLC Rigla

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RFID-key fobs ISBC® with transport card "Troika" are available
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